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We are well established FinTech company, operating in the financial sector since 2015

We are on a journey of becoming licensed Investment Bank that will provide an opportunity to hold, invest, borrow, and exchange in both crypto and fiat currencies without having technical knowledge of crypto and blockchain technology.

Fast Invest is user- friendly, reliable, secure and accessible Global Investment Bank.


To implement Fast Invest vision to become licensed Investment Bank we are launching an initial coin offering (ICO) and issuing FIT tokens on the public blockchain.

The price of FIT tokens during the ICO crowdsale will depend on the total number of issued tokens according to the provided table.


During the ICO crowdsale, 20% of Marketing budget will be constituted to FIT token holders as an affiliate commission. The affiliate commission will be distributed to Fast Invest token holders every week in Ethereum cryptocurrency.

For example, if our Marketing budget is 7,500,000 $, proportionally 1,500,000 $ will be devoted as the affiliate commission.


Moreover, users are able to use referral bonus program for additional profit.The referral bonus will be paid in Ethereum cryptocurrency. Users will be able to transfer and use these earnings freely.

FIT issued during ICO USD per FIT rate during ICO
0 - 100000000 0.010 $
100000001 - 250000000 0.015 $
250000001 - 500000000 0.020 $
500000001 - 1000000000 0.025 $
1000000001 - 1500000000 0.030 $
1500000001 - 2000000000 0.035 $
2000000001 - 2500000000 0.040 $
2500000001 - 3000000000 0.045 $
3000000001 - 3500000000 0.050 $
3500000001 - 4000000000 0.055 $
4000000001 - 4500000000 0.060 $
4500000001 - 5000000000 0.065 $


Blockchain technology is a solution for business. It offers fast and secure online transactions and online transfers for any cryptocurrency or other data.

According to markets&markets, the Blockchain market size is estimated to grow from USD 210.2 million in 2016 to USD 2,312.5 million by 2021.

The revolution in the financial sector is inevitable, and Fast Invest is on the very edge of it all along with the crypto-community.



2018 2Q
Cryptocurrencies introduced
2018 2Q
Mobile App for Android and iOS
2018 3Q
CryptoCurrency Exchange
2019 1Q
Crypto Investing Service introduced
2019 1Q
Hong Kong headquarters opened
2019 3Q
Premium Payment Card
2019 4Q
Singapore branch
2019 4Q
Digital Lending Service introduced
2020 2Q
North American headquarters
2020 3Q
Full scope of Investment solutions
Global Investment bank

Our people make us who we are. Awesome.

We are dreamers. We are thinkers. We are doers. We are revolutioneers. We are visioneers. We are young and we will make an impact. Our goal is to make the financial systems more transparent, swift and accessible.

Our team solved massive problems and does that with such an ease. We invest time and money into building a strong relationship and team building.

We believe that people are the company and we believe in teamwork. Challenges only help us shape ourselves and overcoming them we become stronger, wiser and resilient.


Token fact

chart 1
chart 2


In accordance to our community suggestions, we have decided to remove the Soft Cap and lower the FIT price. We were able to do so by connecting FIT value to USD ($) and not ETH (Ethereum). For additional pricing list, please follow the link https://fastinvest.com/en/ico.

We have always stressed one major fact about Fast Invest - “We are real, operating business”. If for most of the ICO’s selling tokens is the only way to make their plans reality - our company has been in operation since 2015, thus we have our own sponsorship and investor funds. ICO for us is just an additional boost to quicken the development processes.

During the Pre ICO we received a lot of interest from private funds and people who were interested in value our company is creating - making investment world accessible to everyone. Thus we were able to offer them extremely attractive investment opportunity, which was win-win situation for all the participating parties.

In accordance to the decision made by our management team, we limited the FIT token crowd sale supply to only 5,000,000,000 FIT.

Yes there is! During the ICO we have decided to allocate 20% of Marketing budget to FIT token holders as an affiliate commission. The affiliate commission will be distributed to FIT holders every week in ETH (Ethereum cryptocurrency). Users will be able to transfer and use these earnings freely.

Marketing budget will be decided and will depend on the success of our ICO, however with that being said we are intentional to keep our business growing and expanding as we do state in Whitepaper.

However here is a real life example: if our Marketing budget is 7,500,000 $, proportionally 1,500,000 $ will be devoted to the affiliate commission. This means, that if a holder has 1% of all outstanding Fast Invest tokens, he will receive 1% of all Affiliate Commission share.

This is easy - you simply go to fastinvest.com/en/crypto-investor/registration and follow the two step registration. After successful registration you will be granted to free-crypto account. In the menu find icon market “Buy FIT token”, it will open a section, which you will need to fill out. After STEP 2 you will receive Fast Invest ETH or BTC addresses. Feel free to transfer desired amount, FIT tokens will be automatically added to your Crypto account by our support team.

Currently the Fast Invest team is developing a platform, which incorporates different types of investment solutions, an e-money wallet with individual international bank account numbers (IBAN), which can accept and make payments in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

Our currency exchange solution will offer competitive crypto and foreign currency exchange rates, quick and cost effective international bank wires. After successful ICO crowdfunding, we will start to create additional products for both individuals and legal entities: the lending extension, as well as the opportunity to acquire the Fast Invest premium payment card. The Fast Invest platform will be available as an iOS and Android mobile application.

FIT tokens will be available to trade openly on exchange platforms after ICO crowdsale. We set the timeframe for that 12 months or as soon as all the tokens are sold.

This is yet another decision that was taken in accordance to our community voice. Premium account will now be open to every FIT token holder.

We are sure that investors gained experience on how to pick a real and perspective ICO. We are not a regular ICO - we are looking to blockchain technology not as a start, but like an addition to our fully working business.

Decision to work with in-house team was made by unanimous decision. We have been in financial and technology sector from back in 2015. Although blockchain technology was developed in 2008 it did not reach it’s potential until couple of years back. We attracted experienced specialists to work on our project.

Our team consists of very best programming (Java + PhP) specialists. We are proud of what we have accomplished so far - building a stable and trustable investment platform but now have set our eyes on blockchain technology, which will help broaden our financial products supply. Our goal is to become licensed Global Investment bank.

You can read more about team here: fastinvest.com/en/our-team

You can read more about team here: fastinvest.com/en/our-team , keep an eye on our social media for more information.

We are an innovative FinTech company. We are on a journey of becoming licensed Investment Bank that will provide an opportunity to hold, invest, borrow, and exchange in both crypto and fiat currencies without having technical knowledge of crypto and blockchain technology.

Anyone can register on the platform and all actions are open, but there are restrictions based on investment regulations, and access to certain features are subject to KYC and AML procedures. Please see our terms & conditions for full details.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst. We do not intend to quite with the end of ICO. The last two years for our company was very exciting, we managed to grow and got the attention of the investment world as well as made strong connections with private funds.

Our intention is hold on to our Whitepaper and timeline stated.

Read more here: https://fastinvest.com/documents/fast-invest-whitepaper.pdf?v=1522771891

$ 6,7M
Pre-funded amount
189,082,578 FIT
Registered ICO funders
14 000+
Satisfied customers!
Global team members
Countries of operation

Already operating in most parts of the globe

From 2015, the day Fast Invest was born, our team has never stopped striving for the best. Expansion and perfection is our constant working state. The ever-growing Fast Invest client and partners list is testimony to our dedication and work ethic.

Fast Invest team - young, goal-oriented people, work hard to ensure that the money you invest brings you profit.


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